Building Business Relationships: How to Build Business Relationships on Social Media That Lead To Conversions

Social media statistics are impressive. About 2.46 million people worldwide use social media. No wonder that many entrepreneurs are training their marketing campaigns on social media. Facebook, particularly, is advantageous because it groups people according to common characteristics. So it’s pretty easy to target the right demographic. However, getting many followers and friends may not automatically lead to conversions. It’s how you build relationships that will lead to conversions. That said, here’s how to create business relationships on social media that lead to conversions.

  • Find a niche when contemplating building business relationships on Social

It’s easy for first-time entrepreneurs to get excited about a million followers on social media. However, only a smaller percentage may represent their target market. With social media, you need to separate your primary audience from the rest. Identify those who like you and engage with you and put all your efforts to building a healthy relationship with them.

  • Building business relationships on Social media requires that you be real

Although most people spend their time on social media having fun, as an entrepreneur, you need to focus on real issues by initiating authentic conversations. Building business relationships need real conversations that end with a customer buying your products and services. Real conversations involve getting feedback from your customers by asking the questions to know how they feel, what they think and their pain points. Then respond based on those feedbacks.

  • Desist from reprimanding your social media followers

Social media can be a ruthless place. Someone people can get the courage to say weird things just because they are not having a face-to face conversation. Refrain yourself from reprimanding such people unless they go to the extremes or they post spam on your social media pages. Learning to allow your customers to be honest about their opinions can make them trust you and your brand.

  • Interactive feedback on social media is a great technique for building business quickly

Social media is not like lead pages where customers are directed to specific points to take action. It’s an engagement platform. So creating a lot of navigational steps won’t do you any favors, especially in this day and time where time is of the essence, and concentration spans are short. If you have a social media manager, ensure that you give customers interactive feedback.  Interactive feedback creates a personalized atmosphere, and that will enhance your followers’ experience. It will be easy to convert them after that personalized experience.

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